The Egyptian people and Army protected Egypt from a plan to overturn the government

“Ala Masoulity” won the Most Popular TV Show Award, a proof of the popularity and patriotism of the program. «I was sure that “Ala Masoulity – commented Mohamed Abou El Enein, president of Sada El Balad media group – was going to make it. I am proud of everyone working in the channel with loyalty. Sada El Balad supported the president in his foreign tour to deliver a clear vision of the actual situation in Egypt. The Egyptian people and Army protected Egypt from a plan set to overturn the Egyptian government; and targeting Egypt would extend instability to other countries in the region. There’s a lot of good news related to the Suez Canal this year. We have to get ready for the economic conference next May aiming that it would cause a huge transform in attracting investments».

Mohamed Abou El Enein, businessman and chairman of Sada El Balad media network, congratulated the TV anchor of “Ala Masoulity” Ahmed Moussa for ranking first in the report issued by “Absos” international corporation for the best “Talk show” in 2015. Abou El Enein expressed, during his call on Sada El Balad channel, his happiness with the team and he asked them to exert more efforts to maintain their success and making Sada El Balad maintain its leading role nationwide. Abou El Enein added: «I’m proud of all the employees who work with great loyalty in the channel, I was also very pleased to hear about “Ala Masoulity” winning the Most Popular Show Award although I was sure that this was going to happen, because Egyptians admire every patriotic person and this exactly what has connected between Sada El Balad and its audience and the proof of its popularity».

He said that the channel and its employees played a patriotic role in covering the president’s tour in other countries. The president needs a strong media team to speak to the world and to deliver an actual image of the Country. And this is exactly what Sada El Balad has done as it made many interviews with Presidents and MPs of other countries.

The President of Sada El Balad media network expressed his pride with the media message delivered by Sada El Balad and said: «I am proud of the media message delivered by Sada El Balad in a clearly professional and honest way. The channel has no other policy than the country’s interest: we are affiliated to any party and we don’t demand anything from anyone, all we hope for is Egypt’s advancement». Abou El Enein added in his call to Sada El Balad channel: «There will be many surprises for Sada El Balad’s audience through the program or generally during the coming period».

From the other side, he affirmed that «Egyptians did great efforts and achieved massive advancements throughout the last year. Nevertheless, we must be providing more to people in the new year and must stand by the president. Highlighting that Egypt survived a plan set to suffer the same destiny of the other countries that are witnessing conflicts and killings; but God protected Egypt with its people and the Army».

And concerning his hopes for the new year he said: «I wish that bureaucracy will be eradicated – as it obstructs investments – and that new encouraging laws and massive projects will be achieved». He also hopes that Egypt could eradicate terrorism in the coming year, face challenges together and he is looking forward to having more national projects implemented in all economic and agricultural sectors.

Abou El Enein demanded the investors to get ready for the economic conference next May aiming that it would cause a huge transformation to launch more projects and attract investments.